Effects of endurance sports

RPC News   •   Septembre 7, 2018


Effects of endurance sports

Muffy gyms and sweaty farmhands – endurance sports are often combined with effort, although we know it’s good for us. Not just to balance our body weight, but the enhanced quality of life, balance, and health should actually be in the foreground. After all, regular exercise is also fun. For once we realize that our stamina is steadily improving, so does the motivation. Endurance sports is so much more than just running and cycling.

The positive effects of yoga and Pilates on the body and mind

The emergence of yoga

Yoga originated in the cultural space of today’s India. Its history goes back several millennia. The development of the art of movement was closely interwoven with Buddhist and Hindu thought. While traditionally, meditation and spirituality have played a significant role in yoga practice, the physical side is now the focus of Western culture. This is the so-called hatha yoga. Within physical yoga, different types of yoga are differentiated, which differ, for example, in their dynamics. It is thus possible to practice the postures of yoga (also called asanas) rather statically (Hatha) or to connect them through dynamic, flowing movements (for example, in Vinyasa-Flow Yoga). The highest possible dynamic is achieved in Ashtanga yoga, where the practitioner performs a fixed sequence of postures more or less in constant motion. At Royal Private Coach you will find all kinds of Yoga styles as Private Training in New York

Training methods – more than running and cycling

Whoever thinks about endurance sports, involuntarily thinks of treadmills and crosstrainer. His stamina can also be promoted with more exciting activities: Various ball sports, rowing, swimming and jogging in the great outdoors are just some of the training methods that are really fun. For those who want to start slowly or get back in, fast walking or walking with the help of walking sticks is the best alternative. Slowly, the pace gradually increases. Swimming is especially suitable for overweight people because it does not stress the joints at all.

Improving health

Unquestionably endurance sport leads to an improvement of the health. But why? Basically, a daily workout of at least 10 minutes and no more than one hour has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The cardiovascular system is stimulated by the sport and prevents heart attacks and strokes. The basis for this is the maximum ability of oxygenation of the body, which can be increased by regular cardiovascular training.

For the improvement of the health and the maximum oxygen-ability of the body, it is important to know the optimal course in the state of rest and exercise and keep an eye on it during sports. At rest, our heart beats about 60 to 80 times a minute. There is a simple formula that calculates the maximum heart rate. This distinguishes between man and woman:

Man: 220-age = max. Heart rate woman: 226-age = max. Heart rate 

An example: A 37-year-old woman has a maximum heart rate of 189 beats per minute (226-37). This frequency should be kept fairly close, so that the sport is beneficial to their health.

Balance body weight – endurance sports and optimal nutrition

Combined with a healthy and balanced diet, cardiovascular training can reduce weight. That this leads to more quality of life and more power is for sure. Those who train regularly three to five times a week can lose weight effectively and in the long term.

Finally, it should not be neglected that fitness training gives great pleasure and motivation. Anyone who has discovered a sport for themselves, it is easier to stay tuned and to train regularly. Not only is it good for your health, it also improves your overall quality of life and has a positive impact on your body weight.

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